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What is TYPO3?

TYPO3 is a free and open source web content management system. It is released under the GNU General Public License. It can run on several web servers, such as Apache or IIS, on top of many operating systems, among them Linux, Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and OS/2.A free, feature rich, Content Management Framework built with PHP and running under many Unix’s and Windows. The complete feature list is available at TYPO3 for me? If you were impressed by the feature list you're probably asking yourself if this product is for you. Be aware that all the flexibility and richness come with a price: complexity.

If you're not ready to spend a month learning the system and are in a hurry to satisfy a customer, you should probably look into getting somebody to help you or look for something else.TYPO3 is a very huge and capable system and it cannot be fully learned in a week! TYPO3 will always have a long learning curve for developers. Once mastered, the system will let you do the most complex website and the authors using it will love you for the choice of TYPO3.TYPO3 Target groups People on all levels are working with TYPO3. However only people with internet technical skills will be able to install TYPO3 and develop websites with it (called "Developers"). The people with less knowledge ("Users") are typically the ones who paid someone else to do the technical job so they could maintain their website with the system. Getting started to get started with TYPO3 website creation we have prepared a set of tutorials available in many languages. Just have a look at our documentation section. The tutorials are relatively easy to follow and give you a first insight about how things work internally in TYPO3.

The default language of TYPO3 will always be English and the whole documentation will never be translated. Please check the documentation section to get started with TYPO3.VideoEnjoy more than 7 hours of video from our video section. Lots of stuff is there in 3 languages! Installing TYPO3To get you started quickly we have prepared installer packages which will get you running quickly and painlessly. Further there are special guides about installation for new people. However as soon as you want your site online you will probably get trouble with you local, favorite ISP. Most likely they do not support the System Requirements for TYPO3. The best thing you can do is to change hosting provider to one from our list of dedicated TYPO3 hosters. Getting help Consultancies First of all help is always available thru professional’s consultancies.

Mailing lists you might also be lucky that some friendly soul on our mailing lists will spend 10 minutes of his spare time to give you an answer. But before you subscribe to the list and post your question you MUST READ THE RULES. People on the lists expect you to follow these rules and following these is the best way to be sure to get a good answer. You should be prepared to get hints to documentation rather than fixed answers. Laziness is often rewarded with a really lousy answer and it's your own fault then, but if you show that you really tried to help yourself first, then everyone will be polite to you. Mailing list archive so to help you find an answer before asking the lists you're mandated to search the archives! Someone asked me if I needed a bicycle on a mailing list.

Why do you really need TYPO3?

That is also a question you have to answer as fast as possible. Let’s say you want to go from your home to the supermarket. For this purpose you would be really frustrated if someone told you to fly down there in a big jumbo jet, right? (...unless you live in Australia) You would have to spend a lot of time learning to fly it. And you would be frustrated and unable to see the point. Because you would need only a bicycle to get there! Its the same with TYPO3. Many websites really don't need a CMS like TYPO3. But some sites do! The most important thing you can do to not waste your time here is to figure out if TYPO3 is what you need - or if it's too much. General Documentation Finally we also provide the full set of documentation. But that can be a jungle until you get a little more comfortable with TYPO3. This is why a tutorial like "Getting Started" is important to read first since that will take you by your hand step by step.

Newbie FAQ Can I create a website in 2 days with TYPO3? People who know TYPO3 well can do it in hours. If you are a total newbie you will need weeks to learn it first. Notice that no-one on the mailing lists will feel sorry for you if you have a deadline in 3 days and need answers quickly because you are new to TYPO3. Then you chose the wrong product or should pay someone for professional help instead. Can TYPO3 do this and that? The short answer is yes. Read the feature list and be prepared to spend time learning how it works and reading. Almost everyone trying to learn to develop with TYPO3 find that it takes time to learn and is at times frustrating although very rewarding in the end. The documentation is huge but seems a bit scattered. Why? We are still working on making good documentation and organizing it in a useful way! Please have patience with us and give us constructive criticism if you can.

Also remember we do this on a spare time basis and ultimately you can only expect yourself to change things if you want to have something changed - the "man in the mirror". TYPO3 currently also has a steep learning curve but we really want to make it less steep by developing the documentation to be better and more helpful. Is there any guide to evaluation of a CMS? Some users have referred to such a guide available at the Step Two website in Australia. Kasper (TYPO3 author) has annotated KMC_EvaluateCMS.PDF back in dec/2002 for you. Why should I create a user account on The user account is free and is only need if you are going to contribute extensions at some point or otherwise participate actively in community activities. So you might choose to wait until you know if TYPO3 is for you.

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