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5 Tips to Help Find Affordable Blog Hosting

Is Affordable Blog Hosting Worth your Money?
Many times beginners make mistakes and get hosting that is just not right for them, but you can still find affordable blog hosting without getting bad hosting. You have to understand what you need and how to find this type of hosting. Here are some of the things you need to make sure you get with your blog hosting.

1. Platform
You want to make sure you get the right platform for your blog with your hosting. Whether you spend a large amount of money on hosting or you get cheap hosting you have to get hosting with the right platform for your blog. The best two choices for your platform are the Joomla hosting and the WordPress hosting platforms.
If you get hosting that comes with the Fantastico script you will get both of these options for your platform. Blogging is a great way to make money and when you use the right platform you can customize your blog in many ways including the functionality and the look of the blog. This will help you do more than you can do with many other platforms.

2. Space
Blogs that feature video, music, and other large files need to have hosting that can handle all of this. It is necessary to make sure you get the right affordable blog hosting with enough space for your blog. Some options will give you more space than others and you need to be sure you are getting enough space.

3. Unlimited Domains
When you go into blogging chances are you will build more than just one blog over the first few months or year. You may even work up to many blogs and this means you heed hosting that allows you to host unlimited domain names. You can get this with many of the cheap hosting options, but you need to make sure you choose the right option. Regardless of which hosting company you choose for your affordable blog hosting it is necessary to make sure you get the right platform, the right amount of space, and the option that will allow you to put up more than just one blog on one domain name. These are all necessary things and below you will find five tips to help you find this type of hosting.

5 Tips to Help with Finding Affordable Blog Hosting

1. Start with a List
You need to put together a list of at least five of the top blog hosting companies that are out there. These are not hard to find and many blogs and websites have already ranked the top ten hosting choices for you. All you really have to do is go through and figure out which ones are going to be best for blog hosting. You can find out which of the hosting companies can offer you the Fantastico script along with plenty of space and an unlimited domain name option. This will help to ensure that you have a list of five hosting companies that can provide you with the best blog hosting you can get for the price you can afford.

2. Compare your Top 5
Now you want to do a side by side comparison of the benefits, features, and other things you get with the blog hosting from each company. This will help you eliminate two of these companies and you don’t want this to be fully based on the price of the hosting. All five of these choices should be able to offer you affordable blog hosting, but you have to pick the top three.

3. Read the Reviews
With three options left you will want to read the different web hosting reviews that are on these sites. Make sure you read a few of the reviews that are out there for each of the companies so that you can get a feeling of whether the company is preferred by the reviewers or not. This can help you learn more about each of your top three choices for blog hosting. There are typically three types of hosting reviews and all three can be helpful for you. These are the positive, the negative, and the non-bias informative review and all of them will help you in many ways. You can learn many things about the choices on your list if you read through all the different types of reviews.

4. Test the Support
You will probably be able to eliminate one more choice when you test the support of each of your three top web hosting choices. This is not hard to do and all you really have to do is ask a few questions while you go through the email, chat, and phone support. When you do this you will find out how fast and accurate the support of the hosting company is. Support can speak to many other parts of the hosting company as well. This can show you whether or not the servers are reliable. If the support is top notch it usually means they have reliable servers that don’t have many issues at all. If you can find a hosting service will good support you are probably going to be in good hands.

5. Choose with Confidence
After you test the support you can choose one of the two choices that you have left for your affordable blog hosting. This is not an easy choice to make, but you have to make sure you are getting the hosting company that you have the most confidence with and the choice that you think will provide you with the best blog hosting.

Why Starting with Affordable Blog Hosting is Good
When you are a beginner you don’t want to invest too much money while you are trying to learn the different ins and outs of the hosting world. You want to make sure you get affordable blog hosting from a top web hosting company so that you will have top notch service and support. This is the best way to guarantee less hosting issues.
Make sure you are very confident in your decision and as a beginner make sure you understand what it is you are getting. This is not a decision to make without research and following the right steps. If you want to get the most affordable blog hosting just use the tips above and choose with confidence.
By Fred Langa

In recent issues, I’ve described Windows 7′s four levels of built-in data protection, each with differing capabilities for preserving your data.

Now I’ll tell you how to dig the data out of your backups, whether it’s a single file, a folder — or even your entire drive contents.

This extensive, multipart data protection is easily the best ever built into Windows — possibly any desktop operating system. Used properly, Win7′s tools can help you get closer to the Holy Grail of data management: the total prevention of data loss.

Stated more simply: Win7′s built-in, data-backup-and-recovery systems can ensure you might never again experience that awful “Oh, no!” feeling when you realize an important file has been incorrectly altered or deleted.

Here’s what we’ve covered so far:

  • 1. If you need to recover a file that was very recently deleted — within hours or maybe days — you can probably retrieve it from the Windows Recycle Bin. Need a quick refresher? See the Microsoft article, “Recover files from the Recycle Bin.”
  • 2. If the file was deleted or altered days or weeks ago, use the powerful but little-known Restore Previous Versions function. See the June 16 Top Story, “RPV: Win7′s least-known data-protection system.”
  • 3. If the file is no longer in the Previous Versions system, you should be able to recover it from your automatic backups — assuming you let Windows make them for you. See the May 12 Top Story, “Build a complete Windows 7 safety net.”
4. If the file was deleted a long time ago and is not in your routine backups, you may be able to recover it from an old system image.
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