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World's lowest ever domain price at Manashosting.

Are you buying domains for a higher price and unable to sell at low price in the market?
Manashosting has introduced World's lowest domain reseller price ever. We are selling .name, .net, .com, etc. to our Resellers. You can enjoy the benefits of World's Lowest Domain Reseller Plan and make maximum profit margin in selling domains from Manashosting. There are high possibilities to make more money after you subscribe to our attractive domain reseller plan.

In this competitive world of domain reseller market, Manashosting is proud to have the market's lowest domain reseller price. Our low price domain reseller plans is one of the best plan that could be availed. And just not that, it will increase your revenue in just few days. Resellers coming with great expectations towards our services and plans will definitely get the best domain reseller price in the market, and we are committed to exceed those expectations also in the future with more attractive domain prices. After researching and analyzing the domain reseller market, we have come up with the low cost domain price which is nowhere available in the market. We are certain that, the WLP is the best option for you, because it is designed on low cost and maximum returns.

There are 3 different packages suitable for the reseller according to their convenience.

» Basic Domain Reseller.
» Corporate Domain Reseller.
» Enterprise Domain Reseller.

Basic Domain Reseller

Domain TLDs Price(INR) Dollar ($)
.com 365 $8.00
.net 365 $8.00
.info 365 $8.00
.name 365 $8.00
.org 365 $8.00
.biz 365 $8.00 307 $7.00 307 $7.00 307 $7.00 307 $7.00 307 $7.00 307 $7.00
.us 298 $7.00
.ws 409 $9.00
.asia 564 $13.00
.tel 586 $13.00
.in 431 $10.00
.mobi 742 $16.00
.cc 808 $18.00
.bz 853 $19.00 853 $19.00 853 $19.00
.me 1074 $24.00
.tv 1119 $25.00 1563 $35.00 1563 $35.00 1563 $35.00 1563 $35.00 1563 $35.00 1563 $35.00 1563 $35.00 1563 $35.00 409 $9.00 1563 $35.00 1563 $35.00 1563 $35.00 1563 $35.00
.mn 1696 $38.00
.eu 307 $7.00 1563 $35.00 1563 $35.00 853 $19.00 853 $19.00 853 $19.00 853 $19.00 853 $19.00 227 $5.00 227 $5.00 227 $5.00

Please visit to know more details about our domain reseller package

To avail the above offers please deposit the amount only in our SBI bank account 00000030967795925, in the name of, Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore

For Domain reseller package Minimum requirement for adding fund in Domain Reseller control panel for the first time is 3,000/-. Second time on words minimum of 1000/-.

Our reseller Domain Price will be applicable only to those people who will pay offline payment like Cash/DD/ Online Transfer directly to our SBI bank account. If payment is made via cheque kindly add 100/- towards bank charges and it will take time till the cheque is realized.

Hurry for Manashosting's unbeatable World's Lowest Price domain reseller plan and get the advantage of registering domains at cheapest rate in current hosting market.

All the payment will be done in Indian rupee only. Dollar ($) price is only for the comparison with international domain cost.

Dollar($) conversion rate is as on September 2011, for current $ conversion rates kindly refer international conversion rate.

Basic Domain Reseller:

In this package you would receive the lowest price of domain charges that you can get with us. This package is launched keeping in mind the clients who are looking for the lowest of the domain price offered by us. This package is beneficial for those customers who would like to do the payment through cash or DD deposit into our SBI bank account. If payment is made via cheque kindly add 100/- towards bank charges.


Corporate Domain Reseller:

In this package you would receive the domains at the lowest price. This package is launched keeping in mind out clients who would like to do an online transaction via debit or credit card. With this package a nominal transaction charge of 7% is levied by the payment gateway. It is best suitable if you are looking for instant domain activation without wait.


Below is the example pricing chart for Corporate Domain Reseller Package.

Domain Actual Cost Transaction Charges Total
.com 365 26 391
.net 365 26 391
.org 365 26 391
.info 365 26 391
.biz 365 26 391
.us 298 21 319
.name 365 26 391
.in 431 30 461 307 22 329

Enterprise Domain Reseller:

In this package you get the user friendly, advanced domain control panel with various options to manage your domain. Enterprise is a high end domain registration which gives the freedom to the customers with respect to domain. The domain is added only after verifying the owner and the activations are done manually. Enterprise Domain registration price will be Basic Domain Reseller Package pricing + 20 + 7% is payment gateway charges.


Below is the example pricing chart for Enterprise Domain Reseller Package.

Domain Actual Cost Transaction Charges Service Charges Total
.com 365 26 20 411
.net 365 26 20 411
.org 365 26 20 411
.info 365 26 20 411
.biz 365 26 20 411
.us 298 21 20 339
.name 365 26 20 411
.in 431 30 20 481 307 22 20 349

To sign up for Enterprise Domain Reseller-ship please contact Billing Team.

Kindly fill up the below form for any queries related to Domain Reseller Packages.



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