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4G Hosting

4th Generation Hosting is the latest technology in the current hosting market. 4th Generation hosting works on a unique concept with multi server environment, dynamic bandwidth management, dynamic content management incorporated with cloud hosting. Multi server concept is where dedicated servers are used to execute different functions like Email, Control Panel, Database, DNS, web servers etc. This concept helps to provide high uptime and site stability. Dynamic Bandwidth is a concept where Bandwidth is allotted dynamically depending on the data transfer. In this technology if the server receives high traffic, bandwidth would change accordingly there by giving peace of mind to the customer even when the traffic on their site is high and just not that they need not worry about their site’s performance with respect to uptime. Dynamic content management is a technology where a given content would be virtually uploaded in different servers. With this technology a site never goes down because the content of the site is stored on multiple servers virtually. The users of the site will be able to view the content even if the server crashes on which the site is loaded. This also gives satisfaction to the customers because their site will never face downtime. All these aspects with Cloud Hosting technology is 4th Generation Hosting.

Just like in the Personal computer there were various processors available like, P1, P2, P3, P4 etc. P1 was slower compared to P3 and P4, for example, if any work that was carried on the computer using P1 was taking one hour the same could be done on P4 within few minutes. Likewise Hosting industry has traveled in time from 1 G hosting, 2 G hosting and 3 G hosting. Now it’s the time for 4th Generation hosting;

4th Generation hosting is a new technology that has arrived latest in the hosting market, and first time in India Manashosting has released this technology on shared hosting to our customers. The concept of 4th Generation is quite unique and very much innovative. 4th Generation hosting currently is implemented on shared hosting. In 4th Generation hosting a site never goes down, even when the server crashes on which the website is hosted. The server concept is such designed that it is able to deliver better speed, best uptime, maximum bandwidth utilization, etc. With this technology the customers has no worries about the traffic on their site. In 4th Generation hosting the website is technically loaded on one server but will have its copies on 5 or 6 different servers, hence even if the server crashes on which the site is loaded the visitor of that site will still be able to view the site’s content and access the site without any problem.

In today’s world, telephone industry has reached just 3G. In 1G there were various issues like call drop and connectivity, with 1G call and SMS were the only features, then came 2G with better connectivity, MMS and internet compatibility. Now it’s 3G, with 3G one can do live video callings and use of internet with maximum speed. With 3G you can do all online office work just by using your phone at any location. Now hosting industry has taken over telephone industry.

4th Generation hosting (4G) gives a customer a sigh of relief because at no point of time their website would go down. In other words customer is tension free about their site. Companies with their world class datacenter, high quality server, strong security, advanced control panel and with cloud technology are the ones who would be able to provide 4th Generation hosting. Technology makes life simple and it’s proved once again in hosting by the introduction of 4th Generation hosting. Manashosting uses latest control panel called PEM which is compatible with 4th Generation hosting compared to other old control panels that are currently available in the market. We use powerful Dell servers to host your website, with the 4th Generation hosting; the uptime is high and is stable with consistency.



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